Stable Features

The tools you need to build your stable.
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Invite your current freelancers and discover new talent to invite!

Stable allows you to grow your freelance talent pool and instantly find the talent you need. Simply enter the skills you need and instantly see who's available.


Build community around your ideas and values.

Create and join groups of like minded people. Groups are a great place to create strong relationships.

Projects and Roles

Create projects and Roles and send Proposals.

Easily create projects and add freelancers to the project. Add roles to the project and submit a proposal by assigning a freelancer to the role.

Reviews, Ratings and Recommendations

Reviews and ratings provide companies and freelancers the feedback they need.

Reviews and ratings created by the community and companies are meant to be authentic opinions that create opportunities for advancement for all parties. They also help prevent scammers and fraud from occuring.

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